This site contains guidance for improving our way of working and security awareness.
I always wanted to write a professional book, but after all I believe that by blogging I can do something similar in a more dynamic way.
The information herein reflects my personal opinion only.

  • The information is meant for good. I’m strongly against for any malicious use information presented here.
  • No warranty. Use your own judgement before following and applying information.

Kind Regards,
Lauri Säisä, postmaster@saisa.eu
For the moment, comments has been disabled due to spam attacks
Comments have been enabled after installing and activating SABRE plugin (Simple Anti Bot Registration Engine). User registration now involves 2 tests and confirmation email.
Unfortunately I had to delete all the user accounts. If this happens again, I’ll try to find out better ways to disable only the spammers, and not others…

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