lopi: good intro to time paradox if traveling faster than light

I found this video by accident, and it turned out to be good presentation “Why Going Faster-Than-Light Leads to Time Paradoxes” about the paradox if speed faster than “speed of light” would be possible.

I liked that it was explained with the help of simple diagrams, interesting topic and worth to have a look. Please note that while the explanation is good, it is also very fast for non native english persons…

After 25min video, I’m left with the thinking that “I would like to see more on this topic” 🙂

Using table microphone to record ukulele on PC

I’m using an economic Trust 23790 microphone to record my daily ukulele on the PC. The device comes with an USB adapter, which looks like a generic audio-to-USB adapter. I guess it might work with other microphones too, not sure.

In the audacity tool, one need to select the input device. With my Ortega RFU11S ukulele, I adjusted the recording volume in the audacity to 0.97. The screenshot below shows the “USB Audio Device” as input (“recording”) device and the recording level.

I include here song called Wake me up as audio sample (DDU UDU strumming).

Connecting ukulele to PC

I’m using an economic Behringer UCG102 Guitar-USB adapter to connect my ukuleles to my PC. The guitar plug (on right) of UCG102 is connected to the pickup microphone connector in you ukulele, with the 6.3mm instrument cable. In some ukuleles the pickup with connector is pre-installed.

I downloaded the driver from the Behringer website, and it turned out to be ASIO4ALL driver, which is used for low latency audio in Windows, nice. In the UCG102 adapter, I use the Level in HI position. (if the CLIP light comes on, then one should use the LO position).

In the audacity tool, one need to select the input device. With my Islander MT4 EQ ukulele, I adjusted the recording volume in the audacity to 0.90. The screenshot below shows the “USB Audio CODEC” as input (“recording”) device and the recording level 0.9.

I include here song called Wake me up as audio sample (DDU UDU strumming).

In the ukulele, I use the maximum volume (in pickup-tuner control panel). I don’t know how good this setup is when compared to other alternatives, but it works well enough for me1.

  1. I’m beginner player and mostly playing my daily ukulele which don’t have microphone pickup []

Elder Scrolls Online, some screenshots

I include here some screenshots from the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), focussing on PVP (player-versus-player) area called Cyrodiil. PVP area is only a fraction of things that one can do in the game.

The screensizes have been reduced to fit the blog better.

This is the inventory view of my character. (One can have several characters):


This is the PVP area, by riding from one end to the other end of the map, takes some minutes:


Waiting for enemy to attack to the outpost:

ESO PVP outpost

But decided to ride to the enemy keep to support, as we are trying to capture a castle (called keep):

ESO pvp riding to keep

Last part better to go as invisible:

ESO pvp arricing2

Placing siege shield to protect from oil, and placing some healing stuff on groud, as we are trying to break the inner door with a device called RAM. One need minimum 3 players to use the RAM:

ESO pvp siegeshield

After capturing the castle (keep), we are capturing also the resources outside (by capturing the flag):

ESO pvp res flag

No time to releax, as then have to ride to defend our castle:

ESO pvp riding to def keep

We managed to defend the castle and burn their RAM:

ESO pvp keep defended

And fight some enemy outside too:

ESO pvp def outside

The 2 flags inside castle are needed to capture or to defend the castle:

ESO pvp flags Are the key

For faster transport, there are teleports (called shrine) that you can use if your faction owns the castle and it is not under attack:

ESO pvp teleportal inside keep

Oil is powerfull defend:

ESO pvp oil

Catapults can be use for attack or defend:

ESO pvp catapult

No Man Sky, some screenshots

I include here some screenshots to give some look and feel of this game. This is not a review, just showing typical sceneries. The pictures have been resized down to fit better to the blog.

First base:

NMS1 firstbase

First base inside:

NMS firstbase inside

First base from space:

NMS2 firstbase from space

Arriving to space station with my space ship:

NMS arriving space Station

Inside space station:

NMS inside spacestation

Arriving to my first freighter (the smalleer ships on left are called frigates):

NMS3 first freighter

Inside freighter, one can create your own rooms like this (with some NPC workers):

NMS inside refreighter2

List of bases, where I can teleport to (teleports exist in space stations, but you can also build own owns at bases and freighter):

NMS list of bases

All my vehicles (except underwater nautilon), one can have 6 spaceships, and several exocrafts:

NMS vehicles2

Underwater, after getting out from Nautilon:

NMS under water outside vehicle

One can also find an settlement and take the Overseer position, here is view from the high hill to a settlement. The flying drone in picture is “reward” from some questline in settlement:

NMS view to settlement

Some settlement status details:

NMS settlement status

Sometimes (not often), one need to defend the settlement from 6 sentinels:

NMS defending settlement from sentinels

harvesting, called mining, is big activity, here on my way to dig out the Buried Technology Module, and getting some Carbon and Mordite from the trees with mining laser:

NMS harvesting and going to dig

Using refiner to create some ammunition, one can harvest/mine the raw items yourself, or buy in space stations:

NMS using refiner

Here, I’m jumping with the exocraft called Minotaur, good for fighting robots:

NMS big skeleton

Links to ukulele play along songs

I’m listing here some ukulele play along songs at youtube that I found working for me. Naturally this is very much about personal preference, but hopefully you find some of these working for you too 🙂

  • Note: In some links, the play along is at the end of tutorial
  • Note: with some songs, several play alongs are include to show the variations (different strumming or chords used)
  • Note: finger picking technique is not included in this list, even though it fits nicely for some of these songs
  • Note: I play E7 instead of E, for me E7 is much easier
Song Chords Strumming notes
A Little Respect DDU UDU (too fast for beginner)
Against All Odds Dm, G, Am, Bm, C, F, Em, G7, D DDU UDU
All my loving Dm G7 C Am F Bb DDDUDU or DDU UDU
All of Me Em C G D Am D DU
All Of Me Em C G D DDD + DDU UDU
All of me Dm C G Am F DDD + DDU UDU
All of me C Am F G D + DDU UDU
All of me Em C G D Am DDD + DDU UDU
Believe "C G Dm F" C Em F G DDU UDU
(actually needs chords visible, as not well in video)
Blowing in the wind C F G DDU UDU
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams Em G D A B7 C D DDU (too fast for beginner)
Boulevard of Broken Dreams Em G D A (note, quite heavy for fingers)
Breakfast at Tiffany’s D G A DDU UD – DD – DD chorus also:D D – DD – DD
Breakfast At Tiffany’s D G A DDU UDU and (DD UUDU)
Brown Eyed Girl G C D D7 Em DDU UDU
Can You Feel the Love Tonight G D Em C Am D DU and DDU UDU
Can You Feel the Love Tonight C G F Am Dm Bb D DU and D
(takes some time to know the places for D)
Can’t Help Falling in Love C Em Am F G D DU
Can’t Help Falling In Love C F G G7 A7 Am Dm Em B7 D DUDU
Can’t Help Falling In Love C G Em Am F A7 Dm D (down strums only)
Can’t Take My Eyes Off You DDU UDU
Can’t Take My Eyes Off You DDU UDU
Castle on the Hill C Em F Am G DDU UDU
Chasing Cars
Chasing Cars D DUDUDU
Chasing Cars in G DDU UDU
Close to You C B7 Bm Em G D DDU UDU
Come On Eileen DDU UDU
Corazón Espinado D DU
Corazón Espinado DDU UDU
Counting Stars Am C G F Dm D + DDU UDU
Counting Stars DDU UDU
Count On Me DDU
Count On Me D D DUDU or D DU U DU
Crazy Little Thing Called Love DUDU UDU
Crocodile Rock DDU UDU
Crocodile Rock Am F G D7 G7 C A7 D xU UxU + DUxU UxU
Dance Monkey D DU
Dancing in the Moonlight DDU UDU
Despacito AmF C G D UDU ?
Dive C Am F G D DUDU D DUDU and
Don’t Worry, Be Happy DDU DDU
Down Under C G Am F G
D DU – D DU – D DU – DU – DU
Dreams F G DDU UDU
Estoy aqui D + DDU UD
Eternal Flame G Em C D B7 Bm D DUDU (fingerpicking better)
Eye of the Tiger Am G F Dm Em DDU UDU and
Feliz Navidad F G7 C DDU UDU
Final Countdown DDU UDU
Firework G Am Em C DDU UDU
Five hundred miles C Am Dm F DDU UDU
Folsom Prison Blues DU
Fly Me to the Moon Am Dm G C F E DDU UDU
Forever Young C G Am F Dm D DDU
Forever Young D DDU and D
Forever Young DDU UDU
Forever Young DDU UDU
Hallelujah Am F C G DDU
Hallelujah Am F C G E7 DDU
Hallelujah Am C Em F G D UD
Hallelujah D UU (thumb + fingers)
Happier Am F C G DDU
Happier (DDU UDU for CC)
Am F E7 or
Have You Ever Seen the Rain Am F C G F DDU UDU
Have You Ever Seen the Rain C G F Am DDU UDU
Heart of Gold DDU UDU