This site contains guidance for improving our way of working and security awareness.

I always wanted to write a professional book, but after all I believe that by blogging I can do something similar in a more dynamic way.

The information herein reflects my personal opinion only.


  • The information is meant for good. I’m strongly against for any malicious use information presented here.
  • No warranty. Use your own judgement before following and applying information.


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Comments have been enabled after installing and activating SABRE plugin (Simple Anti Bot Registration Engine). User registration now involves 2 tests and confirmation email.
Unfortunately I had to delete all the user accounts. If this happens again, I’ll try to find out better ways to disable only the spammers, and not others…



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  1. arun84ei says:

    Hi Happy New year to you, My name is Arun and writing from Singapore. I have been closely following your site for the great knowledge shared in your site. Recently i have gone through the ITIL videos posted in your site under the link- http://saisa.eu/blogs/Guidance/?p=319. I have watched few of these videos and found them to be very informative. Today when i revisited the page and viewed the videos, none of them were available and displayed as removed. Can you let me know why these useful videos were removed and also do you have any other links for me to view these videos. Your reply and help will be much appreciated. Thanks

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