Elder Scrolls Online, some screenshots

I include here some screenshots from the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), focussing on PVP (player-versus-player) area called Cyrodiil. PVP area is only a fraction of things that one can do in the game.

The screensizes have been reduced to fit the blog better.

This is the inventory view of my character. (One can have several characters):


This is the PVP area, by riding from one end to the other end of the map, takes some minutes:


Waiting for enemy to attack to the outpost:

ESO PVP outpost

But decided to ride to the enemy keep to support, as we are trying to capture a castle (called keep):

ESO pvp riding to keep

Last part better to go as invisible:

ESO pvp arricing2

Placing siege shield to protect from oil, and placing some healing stuff on groud, as we are trying to break the inner door with a device called RAM. One need minimum 3 players to use the RAM:

ESO pvp siegeshield

After capturing the castle (keep), we are capturing also the resources outside (by capturing the flag):

ESO pvp res flag

No time to releax, as then have to ride to defend our castle:

ESO pvp riding to def keep

We managed to defend the castle and burn their RAM:

ESO pvp keep defended

And fight some enemy outside too:

ESO pvp def outside

The 2 flags inside castle are needed to capture or to defend the castle:

ESO pvp flags Are the key

For faster transport, there are teleports (called shrine) that you can use if your faction owns the castle and it is not under attack:

ESO pvp teleportal inside keep

Oil is powerfull defend:

ESO pvp oil

Catapults can be use for attack or defend:

ESO pvp catapult