Cloud Service Level Agreement Standardisation Guidelines, by C-SIG (europe)

Interesting document “Cloud SLA standardization guidelines” is available at the Digital Agenda for Europe site. The work has been done by the C-SIG (Cloud Select Industry Group) subgroup, and they are contributing this as input for the new standard ISO/IEC 19086.

Looking the structure below, I think they have well captured different aspects to consider. Worth to have a look while waiting for the ISO and other national&international standards…

  • Performance Service Level Objectives
    • Security Service Level Objectives
    • Service Reliability
    • Authentication & Authorization
    • Cryptography
    • Security Incident management and reporting
    • Logging and Monitoring
    • Auditing and security verification
    • Vulnerability Management
    • Governance
  • Data Management Service Level Objectives
    • Data classification
    • Cloud Service Customer Data Mirroring, Backup & Restore
    • Data Lifecycle
    • Data Portability
  • Personal Data Protection Service Level Objectives
    • Codes of conduct, standards and certification mechanisms
    • Purpose specification
    • Data minimization
    • Use, retention and disclosure limitation
    • Openness, transparency and notice
    • Accountability
    • Geographical location of cloud service customer data
    • Intervenability
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