Experience with Blackphone BP1, “the privacy phone”

The main reason for wanting to use Blackphone is typically privacy, to gain as much control as possible over the privacy.

Some reviews (mainly from 2014) related to Backphone 1:

The big difference to normal android is the lack of the Google in this phone. This means that one have to get the applications from somewhere else, either using other apk-storages or limiting yourself to open source applications only and use F-Droid to get applications. The phone has build-in detailed privacy settings for each application, something that has been lacking from normal android until android 6.

After some learning curve, getting used to

Blackphone also comes with the concept of Spaces. It is possible to create isolated spaces, each of which have different applications running and can be protected with different PIN codes.


Blackphone has build-in panorama camera mode. One can get quite nice pictures, please see below.


When limiting to the application list above, then the experience has been positive. If I compare android 6 and blackphone from privacy perspective, I feel more confident with blackphone. Naturally it also depends on which applications you are using.

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