loosing weight by walking, the first 1 million steps

With the help of an Activity tracker it might be easier to achieve your weight loosing goals. These trackers take care of the tedious work to log everything. Just place the activity tracker on your wrist, and start walking…

This blog will show some real results, when using an activity tracker during the first 1 million steps.

This huge number of steps came as pleasant surprise, and was a good milestone to write this blog. When buying the activity tracker, the intention was to loose weight; especially by walking.

In this period of 1M steps, one could loose weight for about 7-8 kg, which is close to 1kg/week.

The figure below shows the weight (kg) for the 56 days (close to 9 weeks).

The figure below shows the number of steps for each of the 9 weeks.

The figure below shows the estimated extra Calories (C = kcal), over BMR, for each of the 9 weeks. (The numbers are given by the activity tracker).

Lessons learned:

  • One needs at least 2 different tracks: one for regular short walk (min 1h), and the other for longer exercise (min 2h).
    • If you can afford, then take the long track. It is more difficult to get started than to continue walking…
    • (in my case, my favorite tracks are short walk “1h15min” and long walk “2h35min”)
  • Don’t force the walking speed too much, the duration of walking is actually even more important as this is about fat burning and not competition
  • There is such a thing as limited speed of change (weigth loss), even if you walk a lot one day, you will not loose all weight in one day; the affect takes longer to adjust
  • Yes, you can eat. If you increase your exercise (walking), then there is less chance to get more weight. Yes, sometimes the weight jumps after party, but it is not permanent.
  • Yes, you can have day(s) without exercise as long as you try to maintain some routine and monitor that you don’t start to gain weight too much.
  • At the end, it is about routine and habits. Walk when you feel for it, it can clear your mind 🙂

About activity meter

  • the activity meter on the wrist is only the data collector. The collected data is synced with the server, and that location varies depending on company. Some persons might prefer to choose to select a manufacturer that keeps the exercise data in EU…
  • The estimated calories varies depending on if you have HR (heart rate) measurement active or not.
    • With HR active, it records more calories
  • the battery does not last “long” if you have HR, GPS or bluetooth active
    • bluetooth can be used if you install an android app


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