Six Thinking Hats, a method to talk about ideas, problems and challenges

Six Thinking Hats method can be useful when taking a discussion/workshop with several participants and at the same time you want to make sure that you will get some concrete results out of the session. This method nicely gives a structured approach on how to run the session, instead of letting participants to go from one extreme into another.

To get a quick introduction, I highly recommend to see one of the following videos:

The picture below is from the first video.


A concrete example is available here, and a powerpoint template is here.

How the session could look like, in which order to use the hats etc, then one could have a look here. With some examples:

First ideas:

  • blue – definition of subject
  • white – ready knowledge
  • green – generating ideas

Problem Solving:

  • blue – definition of problem
  • white – available info
  • green – possible solutions
  • yellow – reality check solutions
  • black – weak points solutions
  • white – connect to info
  • blue – draw conclusion

Decision Making:

  • blue – topic of decision
  • green – offer alternatives
  • white – factual situation
  • yellow – suitability alternatives
  • black – un-suitability alternatives
  • red – making the decision
  • black – assessing decision
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