DIY filter adapter for a camera lens without filter thread

Some camera lenses like Zenitar 16mm (F2.8) do not have a commonly used filter thread at the front of the lens. However, it is possible to make your own adapter. An easy non-destructive way is to used filter adapter rings and some tape. For landscape and sky photos this might be good enough solution.

In the pictures below: on left, the 58/62 ring rests on top of the lens frame. on right, the 58/62 ring is being placed inside the tube and next will be covered by the last 67/77 step-up ring.


In this DIY solution, an adapter ring 58/62mm is placed inside a tube made by 67/77 (step-up) & 77/67 (step-down) adapter rings. The 58/62 ring prevents the tube moving too close to the lens. Some tape around this 58/62 ring is needed. Also about 3 rounds of tape is needed around the lens frame to make the tube to fit tight to the lens. The focus ring is left free, as the adapter tube is short enough.


The final setup is shown below.


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