ITU-T Study Group 17

ITU-T Study Group 17 works on security related issues.

In the technical Flyer, the building block are listed as

  • Security Architecture and Frameworks
  • Telecommunication Security
  • Protocols
  • Security in Frame Relay
  • Security Techniques
  • Directory Services and Authentication
  • Network Management Security
  • Systems Management
  • Televisions and Cable Systems
  • Multimedia Communications
  • Facsimile
  • Message Handling Systems (MHS)

By looking the standards on the ones with “bold” gives a good overview. Another good overview is provided by their “Security Manual” from 2009 called “Security in telecommunications and information technology – An overview of issues and the deployment of existing ITU-T Recommendations for secure telecommunications”. It is available in different languages.


There is many other good collection on information, like

  • Listing of common text and technically aligned Recommendations
  • Mapping between ISO/IEC Standards and ITU-T Recommendations
  • list of Network Forensics and Vulnerability Organizations
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