Fun and Learning: Sundial Kits with building instructions

From Wikipedia

A sundial is a device that determines the time of day by the position of the Sun. All sundials must be aligned with the axis of the Earth’s rotation to tell the correct time.

Sundial Kit set

The site called Sundial Primer contains several DIY projects for building a sun clock, ie a Sundial.

The Sundial Kit contains 21 types of sundials.

sundial models

The figure below shows a quickly made Equatorial Sundial, build by following the instructions and ready made printable pdf.


Another quick test of the Polar sundial is shown below.



Horizontal Sundial generator

There exist nice instructions for building a basic horizontal sundial. The good is that there is a link to an online calculator.

The figure below shows a quickly build sundial for location with 60 degree latitude.



Links to sundials


Shadows has freeware version for creating different types of sundials.


There exist portable sundials for sell, for example this one.

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