Connecting ukulele to PC

I’m using an economic Behringer UCG102 Guitar-USB adapter to connect my ukuleles to my PC. The guitar plug (on right) of UCG102 is connected to the pickup microphone connector in you ukulele, with the 6.3mm instrument cable. In some ukuleles the pickup with connector is pre-installed.

I downloaded the driver from the Behringer website, and it turned out to be ASIO4ALL driver, which is used for low latency audio in Windows, nice. In the UCG102 adapter, I use the Level in HI position. (if the CLIP light comes on, then one should use the LO position).

In the audacity tool, one need to select the input device. With my Islander MT4 EQ ukulele, I adjusted the recording volume in the audacity to 0.90. The screenshot below shows the “USB Audio CODEC” as input (“recording”) device and the recording level 0.9.

I include here song called Wake me up as audio sample (DDU UDU strumming).

In the ukulele, I use the maximum volume (in pickup-tuner control panel). I don’t know how good this setup is when compared to other alternatives, but it works well enough for me1.

  1. I’m beginner player and mostly playing my daily ukulele which don’t have microphone pickup []