No Man Sky, some screenshots

I include here some screenshots to give some look and feel of this game. This is not a review, just showing typical sceneries. The pictures have been resized down to fit better to the blog.

First base:

NMS1 firstbase

First base inside:

NMS firstbase inside

First base from space:

NMS2 firstbase from space

Arriving to space station with my space ship:

NMS arriving space Station

Inside space station:

NMS inside spacestation

Arriving to my first freighter (the smalleer ships on left are called frigates):

NMS3 first freighter

Inside freighter, one can create your own rooms like this (with some NPC workers):

NMS inside refreighter2

List of bases, where I can teleport to (teleports exist in space stations, but you can also build own owns at bases and freighter):

NMS list of bases

All my vehicles (except underwater nautilon), one can have 6 spaceships, and several exocrafts:

NMS vehicles2

Underwater, after getting out from Nautilon:

NMS under water outside vehicle

One can also find an settlement and take the Overseer position, here is view from the high hill to a settlement. The flying drone in picture is “reward” from some questline in settlement:

NMS view to settlement

Some settlement status details:

NMS settlement status

Sometimes (not often), one need to defend the settlement from 6 sentinels:

NMS defending settlement from sentinels

harvesting, called mining, is big activity, here on my way to dig out the Buried Technology Module, and getting some Carbon and Mordite from the trees with mining laser:

NMS harvesting and going to dig

Using refiner to create some ammunition, one can harvest/mine the raw items yourself, or buy in space stations:

NMS using refiner

Here, I’m jumping with the exocraft called Minotaur, good for fighting robots:

NMS big skeleton