Free vector graphics and icons by freepik

Freepik has made several vector graphics and icons available. Worth to take a look. Their icons are available also at flaticon.

In this blog, I try to make a short story by using freepik icons.

Please note that, icons are available also as vector, and in different colors and sizes. (Here I’m using size 512x, with html scaling down).

In the flaticon license terms, they ask to give a attribution: Icon made by Freepik from is licensed under CC BY 3.0

Short Story

Theclock9and Tom was still sleepy8. Today he would need tobusinessman87to get a black401early in the sunrise4.

In the destination, he took a trains. Tom could not access internet with his smartphones2, but he found a free wireless connectivity14 in order to connect to social network197. So he man462and girffriend female240both were smiley48for the new day.

But when Tom arrived to building6, his computer monitor1gave a warning exclamation34. He called customer service9, and explained the anti-virus message laptop computer15.

It took some time80, but after wrench105, Tom could continue with this agenda and finally managed to to his businessman83.

It seems that some criminal7had setup a rogue wifi criminal4 to steal credit71. Luckily thebugs3was recycle78.

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