Mobile Atlas Creator, Tool for creating maps for offline use

Mobile Atlas Creator is a tool for creating offline maps for your android phone.

For example, if you are travelling, and you don’t have access to mobile internet, then it is great to have offline maps with you.

Below is a screenshot example for creating offline maps of an area.



One need to choose the zoom leve, name and then press button “Create atlas”. Creation takes some time, and i



The maps will be created in \atlases\”name_of_map_collection_with_timestamp”\Mapnik as sub-directories.


In order to use these maps in Maverick Android application, one need to copy this sub-directory structure into mobile phone. When your phone is connected to USB and phone card is mounted, then one can copy sub-directories into \maverick\tiles\mapnik folder on the phone card (G:).



After diconnecting USB cable, the maps are availabe to use in Maverick GPS application.

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