WinMD5, Tool for maintaining integrity of important files and documents

WinMD5 is a great portable tool for calculating and comparing MD5 hashes of files. With this tool one can check that the content of your important documents and files has not been changed.


  • Portable
  • Open source
  • drag&drop
  • Can create md5 files
  • Automatic comparison


Files with .md5 suffix are treated as files containing hashes. The delivery package ( contains a md5 file. The figure above is taken after drag&dropping delivery files into the tool. The file with problem “CorruptFile.txt” is well highlighted.

The content of the md5 example file is:

e3d78080bfc49d89113c55cf4b7c4fb4 README.txt
191c7c02a3206fdca2b79941c634d2b2 WinMD5.exe
d73ff397a76f886e8c5a80b05223fee1 ChangeLog.txt
73895264778b3ce92c57d0dff670f7c7 CorruptFile.txt

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