ENISA CERT support material and exercise material with DVDs

ENISA has published exercise material for people working in CERTs (Computer Emergency Response Team).

First set of material is related to CERT organizations.

Second set of material is exercises

The figure below shows live DVD executed inside VMware player. Task 7 comes with examples.


The list is exercises:

  • Exercise 1: Triage and Basic Incident Handling
  • Exercise 2: Incident Handling Procedure Testing
  • Exercise 3: Recruitment of CERT Staff
  • Exercise 4: Developing CERT Infrastructure
  • Exercise 5: Vulnerability Handling
  • Exercise 6: Writing Security Advisories
  • Exercise 7: Network Forensics
  • Exercise 8: Establishing External Contacts
  • Exercise 9: Large-scale Incident Handling
  • Exercise 10: Automation in Incident Handling
  • Exercise 11: Incident Handling in Live Role Playing
  • Exercise 12: Cooperation with Law Enforcement Agencies
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