TTSReader, tool for reading text aloud (text-to speech)

There are several tools, like TTSReader, which can be used to read text aloud.

Good in TTSReader:

  • Can change voice
    • including other languages
  • Can change speed and pitch
  • Can save speech as wav or mp3 file


Unfortunately it is difficult to find good and pleasant human like voices 😉

Human voices

Better quality human voices are commercial products. AT&T provides a demo site for testing different voices.

Other languages

For non-english languages, one could install eSpeak.

Online alternatives

There are some online text-to-speech services. One multilanguage example is here. Just paste your text and listen yourself.

Update 2014: In MS Windows, there is now a Speech Platform, which supports 26 languages. The voice quality is good (as compared with eSpeak). For more information, see blog article.

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