ICT regulation toolkit

Infodev together with ITU has developed “ICT Regulation Toolkit“.


The ICT Regulation Toolkit is a live resource for policy-makers, regulators, the telecom industry, and consumers. It provides a global overview of how telecom policy is best implemented with practical materials highlighting experience and results.

The toolkit contains several modules:

  • Module 1. Regulating the Telecommunications/ICT Sector: Overview
  • Module 2. Competition and Price Regulation
  • Module 3. Authorization of Telecommunication/ICT Services
  • Module 4. Universal Access and Service
  • Module 5. Radio Spectrum Management
  • Module 6. Legal and Institutional Framework
  • Module 7. New Technologies and Impacts on Regulation



This material is not really light reading for everyone, but provides information for those who wish to understand more about telecom regulation…

Lighter reading is available in “Telecommunications Regulation Handbook“.

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