Telecommunications Regulation Handbook

10th edition of “Telecommunications Regulation Handbook” is available via InfoDev.




  • Chapter 1 – The big picture: Introduction to telecommunications regulation
  • Chapter 2 – A level playing field: regulating for effective competition
  • Chapter 3 – Growing the market: licensing and authorizing services
  • Chapter 4 – Going mobile: managing the spectrum
  • Chapter 5 – From capacity to connectivity: network access and interconnection
  • Chapter 6 – From availability to use: universal access and service
  • Chapter 7 – A digital future: regulatory challenges in a brave new world

Security related references

1.6. Looking Ahead
Over the past decade, new communications
technologies have become cheaper, more useful and
more useable and in becoming cheaper, have been
embraced by the majority of people in developed
countries, as well as a growing proportion of those
in the developing world. This dramatic change is
bringing with it a range of new challenges, related,
for instance, to privacy, security and digital content

7.6. Protecting Privacy

The digital age has created massive new challenges
to protect individual privacy and personal as well as
commercial proprietary information. Regulators are
now coming to terms with the magnitude of the
problem and trying to forge workable solutions.

7.7. Cybersecurity Concerns

The digital age has brought with it an entirely new
class of security concerns, for governments,
companies, and individuals. Our growing
dependence on ICTs has meant that our public and
private networks have become critical and
increasingly vulnerable infrastructure. The reality is
that any weakness or attack, no matter how small,
can have large global consequences. And the
interests of security must be weighed against the
liberty of citizens and the need for reasonable
restraints on interference with private



This book is a nice snapshot of regulation related information in one cover. The material is lighter and easier to go through than with the ICT regulation toolkit.

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