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Test, DIY tuning a piano key

I promised to “have a look” on a piano that did not sound “right” any longer; not for some time. A piano tuning professional had said that he does not know any piano with this name. After opening the piano, … Continue reading

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Piano basics, parts, how it works, how to find middle C and frequencies of the notes has good basic information about pianos. Here below are links to look at. Parts of piano Piano Action How to find middle C Fingering   Another site, has good sources as well Great video on how piano keys … Continue reading

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Chords and fingering, and example set

For each chord, there exist alternative ways to play them. In some cases, one can play inversions instead of the normal chord. I use inversions in order to fit my fingers more comfortably on the keyboard. For more about Chords … Continue reading

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Piano Chords and fingering, and video course

One of the first problem, when starting to play piano chords, is where to put the fingers. What is the best way? How the hand should be placed? The following list provides links to information sources. I have collected various … Continue reading

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Tip, convert midi to wav, and burn to audio CD

It is possible to record your own piano performance into audio CD. See the figure below.   Some digital pianos, like Yamaha Clavinova 430, can record your songs in midi, and later convert them into wav files on your USB … Continue reading

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Anvil Studio, Tool for recording and editing MIDI music

Anvil Studio is great tool for recording MIDI from you music keyboard. For recording your music from MIDI capable instrument like piano or keyboard, you need a MIDI-to-USB cable. For example Yamaha UX16 works fine (photo). Some instruments do provide … Continue reading

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