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Night Sky photos with digital compact camera

I have a 12MP, 12x optical zoom digital camera, Canon PowerShot SX200, and I wanted to see how well that fits to shooting constellations and stars. This camera has manual settings as well. (camera review) I was going after the … Continue reading

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Hurricane Sandy, views from GOES-13 and Suomi NPP satellites

There has been several videos by NASA showing Hurricane Sandy from the wheather satellite. The video animation is taken from GEOS-13 satellite. GEOS The Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES)/ Polar Operational Environmental Satellite (POES) program is a key element in … Continue reading

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Curiosity robot vehicle on Mars

NASA’s Curiosity robot has reached Mars surface. Article with 10 min intro video “Target Mars: Rover Lands on the Red Planet“ Landing Video Links Wikipedia: Mars Science Laboratory Wikipedia: Curiosity NASA: Mars Science Laboratory mission Latest MSL Updates Fact Sheet … Continue reading

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Fun and Learning: Sundial Kits with building instructions

From Wikipedia A sundial is a device that determines the time of day by the position of the Sun. All sundials must be aligned with the axis of the Earth’s rotation to tell the correct time. Sundial Kit set The … Continue reading

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