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internet evolution slide, by ETSI

The following “Internet evolution” drawing has been on the different slides in ETSI workshops. It can be found in slide 4 in the M2M architecture overview presentation. It nicely compares “Internet of content”, “Internet of services”, “Internet of people” and … Continue reading

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IT Law wiki, ICT related encyclopedia

In addition to wikipedia, IT Law wiki is a good complementary information site. And the content at IT law wiki is more specific to ICT. Comparison “IT Law wiki” <-> Wikipedia IT Law wiki Wikipedia Cybercrime Cybercrime Surveillance Surveillance Policy … Continue reading

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DLNA, Introduction

What is DLNA? DLNA = Digital Living Network Alliance The DLNA sets standards and guidelines for home networking media devices. A device can receive a DLNA certification. This certification lets the consumer know that once connected to your home … Continue reading

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Electropedia, an online electronic terminology database

Electropedia is an online vocabulary with more than 20000 definitions. It is produced by IEC. The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is the world’s leading organization that prepares and publishes International Standards for all electrical, electronic and related technologies. One can … Continue reading

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Definitions database by ETSI

ETSI is providing definitions database (TEDDI) access online. For example, for base station it gives: A base station is a network element in radio access network responsible for radio transmission and reception in one or more cells to or from … Continue reading

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Finnish<->English vocabulary by Finnish terminology centre

Finnish Terminology Centre offers vocabularies online. One can write the term in english or in finnish, and the result term is given in both languages. The description of the term is given in finnish. Example For example for term Cookie, … Continue reading

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Booklet “How the internet works”

EDR (European Digital Rights) has published nicely simplified explanation “How the internet works”. EDR: European Digital Rights was founded in June 2002. Currently 28 privacy and civil rights organisations have EDRI membership. Members of European Digital Rights have joined forces … Continue reading

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