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Recommended Book:Enterprise Cybersecurity

I was positively surprised about this book “Enterprise Cybersecurity“, and I can happily recommend it to anyone working with security management. There are more than one way to do the things, and this book is showing one alternative way on … Continue reading

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Six Thinking Hats, a method to talk about ideas, problems and challenges

Six Thinking Hats method can be useful when taking a discussion/workshop with several participants and at the same time you want to make sure that you will get some concrete results out of the session. This method nicely gives a … Continue reading

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Tip: flip mirror can be handy for taking photos with telescope

I recently purchased a flip mirror and I find it very usefull when trying to take photos with telescope. In this setup one can both view the target visually and take photos. It takes some time to get the camera … Continue reading

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loosing weight by walking, the first 1 million steps

With the help of an Activity tracker it might be easier to achieve your weight loosing goals. These trackers take care of the tedious work to log everything. Just place the activity tracker on your wrist, and start walking… This … Continue reading

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Test, DIY tuning a piano key

I promised to “have a look” on a piano that did not sound “right” any longer; not for some time. A piano tuning professional had said that he does not know any piano with this name. After opening the piano, … Continue reading

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DIY CRM: part 2 for personal task management

This is continuation to DIY CRM: part 1 for a small team, where the MS Access was used as a simple tool to keep track of tasks or cases for a team. The same tool can be used for a … Continue reading

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DIY CRM: part 1 for a small team

MS Access is included in the MS Office set of tools. I was playing around with it, and discovered that it comes with several build-in templates for different tasks. One of the interesting template is “Customer service” template, that was … Continue reading

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