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Flowgorithm, a visual programming tool with source code generation

Flowgorithm is one of the visual programming tools available today. Positive: visual programming, focus is more on the modelling on how to solve the problem than on the syntax of programing language like java, c# or python. can generate code … Continue reading

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Morse Learner, tool for learning the morse code (receiving and sending)

Morse Learner is a portable and handy software for learning both the receiving and sending of morse code (chraracters made of DAHs and DITs). In the beginning it starts with small set of characters. And there are options to change … Continue reading

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Portable OCR tools to extract text from scanned pages

In addition to previously mentioned gImageReader, these 2 other portable OCR tools worked well in the following scenarios: For adding text overlay into a scanned PDF file (book/document): PDF-XChange Viewer Portable with OCR function For capturing text on the computer … Continue reading

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Converting ISO 27002 into an excel and a graph

ISO 27002 “Code of practice for information security controls” list 144 controls with the same structure for all the controls. If one would like to work on these controls, like reusing them in another documentation or doing a presentation etc, … Continue reading

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Process reference model (PRM) for ISMS (ISO 27001)

ISO TS 33052:2016 “Process reference model (PRM) for information security management” is in interesting document which can be useful when evaluating the possible ways to implement the information security management system (ISMS) processes (see ISO 27001 ISMS requirements). This Technical … Continue reading

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OpenWrt, an alternative for improving network security at home with firewall and web proxy

Introduction OpenWrt is a Linux distribution that can be loaded into many wireless routers by replacing the original firmware with OpenWrt firmware. The picture below shows 2 such routers, together with Raspberry Pi on the right for comparison. My interest … Continue reading

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Second test, trying to use hand-cranked dc motor to charge USB devices (3 Watts working!)

Finally some good news and results. With a 12V DC motor, when used as a generator, it is possible to deliver close to 3.5 W for charging an android phone! This is a continuation to the previous blog. Working setup … Continue reading

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