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Converting ISO 27002 into an excel and a graph

ISO 27002 “Code of practice for information security controls” list 144 controls with the same structure for all the controls. If one would like to work on these controls, like reusing them in another documentation or doing a presentation etc, … Continue reading

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OpenWrt, an alternative for improving network security at home with firewall and web proxy

Introduction OpenWrt is a Linux distribution that can be loaded into many wireless routers by replacing the original firmware with OpenWrt firmware. The picture below shows 2 such routers, together with Raspberry Pi on the right for comparison. My interest … Continue reading

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Recommended Book: The Complete Book of Data Anonymization

I was getting started to search for information about data anonymization and preparing to took a time to do “yet another internet search” for information sources; until I happened to find this book. I was positively surprised that it did … Continue reading

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Cloud Security Spotlight Report (survey)

Yet another survey results are available in the “2016 Cloud Security Spotlight Report” and is interesting reading. slides webinar Example Applications Q: Which of the following cloud applications are deployed or will be deployed in your organization? Example Authentication Q: … Continue reading

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Reference sources for privacy laws

There are at least 3 freely available books that provide information about privacy laws in different countries. These are good references in pdf format. Baker & McKenzie’s Global Privacy Handbook (800p) (online version) see also related online tool Global Privacy … Continue reading

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Insider Threat Report, 2015 by Vormetric

Vormetric has published a set of documents as part of the Vormetric 2015 Insider Threat Report. The research has been conducted by Harris Poll and analyzed by Ovum. Some short extracts are shown below. Worth to have a look. The … Continue reading

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Simple LED detector for RFID or NFC of 13MHz, without any battery

Triggered by experience with “Raspberry and RFID reader/writer, first test “, I tested a simple LED RF detector idea that can be found in “RFID detector” and “RFID Reader Detector and Tilt-Sensitive RFID Tag “. For 13Mhz RFID/NFC, the LED … Continue reading

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