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Reusing motorcycle intercom headset with android phone

This is about reusing an old wire based motorcycle intercom headset with android mobile. With intercom app in android, and with bluetooth, it is possible to use it for intercom between android phones, or even use it for phone calls. … Continue reading

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Experience with Blackphone BP1, “the privacy phone”

The main reason for wanting to use Blackphone is typically privacy, to gain as much control as possible over the privacy. Some reviews (mainly from 2014) related to Backphone 1: Blackphone review: security above all Device Review: Blackphone BP1 Blackphone … Continue reading

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ansifilter, tool to convert color codes in log file into color html

ansifilter is an open source tool which can convert ssh session logs (with putty) with ansi escape codes into html with colors. First, putty should be configured with “all session output”, see figure below. Next, the log file should contain … Continue reading

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Utilizing color in ssh session (example with Android)

When using ssh to connect to “small” devices like android or raspberry, one might not have an option to install several packages. In those scenarios one can reuse the existing command line tools that are often included. This tip is … Continue reading

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Android 6 and new privacy related settings

Android version 6, Marshmellow, has adopted a new run-time permission system that is available to the users. Permissions are divided into permission groups and users can modify permissions per application. It is possible to see how many applications are allowed … Continue reading

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Car on-board diagnostics (ODB II) with android, first tests

Short version With an android phone and ODB adapter one can get access to the standardized diagnostic interface(s) of a car. I bought an ODB II bluetooth adapter to find out what information is available from a car. With a … Continue reading

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Murmur, tool for simple and secure voice conference

Murmur is an open source alternative for DIY voice conferencing using encrypted communication. It is used especially in gaming, but it can easily be used for small working teams or for family multiparty talks. Plus: Quick and easy to setup … Continue reading

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