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Sandboxie, for improved protection of your internet browsing sessions

Antivirus and firewall on your home computer are not protecting you from all malware. Depending on your browsing habits, and which kind of downloads you are doing, and from where, you also would benefit from VPN, network firewall and sandboxing. … Continue reading

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Android 6 and new privacy related settings

Android version 6, Marshmellow, has adopted a new run-time permission system that is available to the users. Permissions are divided into permission groups and users can modify permissions per application. It is possible to see how many applications are allowed … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi as security device, first look on IPFire

Raspberry Pi is an interesting candidate for a low cost, low power, small and open source based security device to be used at small office or at home office (SOHO), or for protecting your home automation… However, some preconcerns were … Continue reading

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Cyber Security radar (dashboard) and other online threat level indicators

There are some online resources indicating the current threat level related to cyber security. Radar is explained here. Cyber Security Index by SecureWorks Threat Meter by VeriSign AlertLevel by CERT-EU “number of cases” Infocon as part of Dashboard by SANS … Continue reading

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Protecting your work by timestamping your file fingerprints

Are you sharing or producing photos, images, music, videos, programs, documents or anything else and you are concerned on how to proof that your work is yours? First of all, you need to be able to show that you really … Continue reading

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FileVerifier++ and Karen’s Hasher, GUI Tools for fingerprinting your files with SHA-512

In an earlier blog, a GUI tool called WinMD5 was recommended for maintaining integrity of your files. However, hash calculation based on SHA-512 is more security nowadays. For example, if you need to proof to others, that you possessed a … Continue reading

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Privacy and internet communication

Concern Every day there are all kind of privacy related information flowing in and out our computers (figure below). We might be using physical connection at our home and be connected via our ISP (Internet Service Provider). Or when travelling, … Continue reading

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