Booklet “How the internet works”

EDR (European Digital Rights) has published nicely simplified explanation “How the internet works”.

EDR: European Digital Rights was founded in June 2002. Currently 28 privacy and civil rights organisations have EDRI membership. Members of European Digital Rights have joined forces to defend civil rights in the information society.

In the introduction, it states the approach:

This booklet is intended to provide policy-makers with a basic overview of Internet and Internet-related technologies. The aim is to provide a user-friendly reference guide…

I think this booklet achieved it’s goal. Worth to have a look. Each of the following subjects is briefly explained…

  • the internet
  • the ip-address
  • encryption
  • the domain name system (dns)
  • the world wide web
  • e-mail and e-mail security
  • deep packet inspection
  • peer-to-peer
  • behavioural advertising
  • the search engine
  • cloud computing
  • social media
  • internet governance
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