Recommended Book: The Complete Book of Data Anonymization

I was getting started to search for information about data anonymization and preparing to took a time to do “yet another internet search” for information sources; until I happened to find this book. I was positively surprised that it did not go into details of anonymization theories, but stayed on a pragmatic approach suitable for managers. After reading this book, it is easier to take the next step!


  • Author : Balaji Raghunathan
  • Publisher: CRC Press
  • Date: 2013
  • Number of pages: about 230
  • Overview
    • Book has a pragmatic approach
  • Purpose
    • “This book intends to demystify data anonymization, identify the typical challenges faced by enterprises when they embark on enterprisewide data anonymization initiatives, and outline the best practices to address these challenges.”
  • Background information
    • The intended target group is security managers
  • Evaluation
    • The book is great reading as the first book for any manager looking for information on data anonymization and concepts within, and how to get started.
    • The language is easy reading and dot not go into techniques and theories, which was great!
    • Please note that “this book is not intended to help design and develop data anonymization techniques or build data anonymization tools.”
  • Summary
    • I was able to use this book as the sole reference when preparing the first material to explain others what data anonymization means for us. I did not need to hunt after other references and do a heavy subject research. And that saved a lot of work for me:-)


  • Chapter 1 Overview of Data Anonymization
  • Part I Data Anonymization Program Sponsor’s Guidebook
    • Chapter 2 Enterprise Data Privacy Governance Model
    • Chapter 3 Enterprise Data Classification Policy and Privacy Laws
    • Chapter 4 Operational Processes, Guidelines, and Controls for Enterprise Data Privacy Protection
    • Chapter 5 The Different Phases of a Data Anonymization Program
    • Chapter 6 Departments Involved in Enterprise Data Anonymization Program
    • Chapter 7 Privacy Meter—Assessing the Maturity of Data Privacy Protection Practices in the Organization
    • Chapter 8 Enterprise Data Anonymization Execution Model
    • Chapter 9 Tools and Technology
    • Chapter 10 Anonymization Implementation—Activities and Effort
    • Chapter 11 The Next Wave of Data Privacy Challenges
  • Part II Data Anonymization Practitioner’s Guide
    • Chapter 12 Data Anonymization Patterns
    • Chapter 13 Data State Anonymization Patterns
    • Chapter 14 Anonymization Environment Patterns
    • Chapter 15 Data Flow Patterns across Environments
    • Chapter 16 Data Anonymization Techniques
    • Chapter 17 Data Anonymization Implementation
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