DIY eyepiece to EOS lens adapter

For some time I have been thinking if it is possible to re-use the camera lenses for something else, or with some other camera/detector. And I found some plastic adapters which one could print with 3D printer, eg. this.

As I happen to have an unused erecting eyepiece from telescope, and also other camera and telescope accessories, then I wanted to try if one could re-use the existing pieces. After some trial and error, the final adapter can be made from the following 2 pieces: telescope eyepiece 1.25″ to 2″-adapter on the left and 13mm extention ring on the right (for EF lenses).


In order to make this to work, the plastic 13mm extention will need to be permanently modified by removing the metal pins and by cutting the extra plastic out. The plastic was cut out on the bottom side in the picture above. This reduced the thickness of the 13mm adapter and gave better fit as the eyepiece adapter (50mm) fits over the plastic part of the extention ring, see picture below.


In the final setup, the end of the eyepiece comes very close (see photo below) and causing worries that what if the lens would come too close and get damaged. Depending on the setup, one could consider to use a teleconverter in between because it has no moving parts and would prevent any damage to the lens itself…


Why to use erecting eyepiece? For visual usage, when the erecting eyepiece is used with this adapter, then the picture is visible “as normal”. But if one is using typical telescope eyepiece, then the picture would be upside down. If one uses this with webcam or with CCD, then would not matter…


When this 10mm eyepiece is used with 50mm lens, it gives 5 times magnification. Since this 50mm camera lens (in pictures) has f1.4, then this might provide a lot of light at night sky…

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