Asmonia Project, addressing security in Mobile Networks

ASMONIA Project is an interesting approach to address security in Mobile Networks. For persons working on the field, it is worth to look on this material.

ASMONIA = Attack analysis and Security concepts for MObile Network infrastructures, supported by collaborative Information exchAnge



What it contains? Well, it can be briefly explained by short extract:

The overall goal of ASMONIA is the development of a holistic security concept for mobile network infrastructures

  • Integrity protection
  • attack detection solutions, including cloud computing system
  • collaborative information exchange mechanisms

The mains tasks of the ASMONIA project are:

  • Risk analysis of mobile networks and end devices
  • Defining holistic and collaborative protection concepts
  • Protecting the integrity of network devices
  • Incorporation of resilient and flexible systems as essential protection components
  • Development of attack detection and assessment techniques

There are several deliverables available:

  • WP 1 Reference Architecture for Collaboration in Mobile Networks
  • WP 2 Evaluating Methods to assure System Integrity and Requirements for Future Protection Concepts
  • WP 3 Analysis of Requirements for the Deployment of Cloud Systems
  • WP 4 Development of a Monitoring System for Security Risk Reduction
  • WP 5 Threat and Risk Analysis for Mobile Communication Networks and Mobile Terminals
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