Network Security and Forensics lectures by Buchanan

Bill Buchanan is a Professor at Edinburgh Napier University (UK), and he has made several lectures available in Network Security and Forensics. I highly recommend this material to anyone.

Book Related track “Security and Network Forensics”

The book from 2011 is called Introduction to Security and Network Forensics.

Book related site has the same title “Introduction to Security and Network Forensics“.

The site contains both videos and presentations (pdf files):


1. Introduction to Security
2. Principles of IDS
3. Principles of Encryption
4. Principles of Authentication
5. Software Security
6. Network Security
7. Introduction to Risk
8. Threats
9. Network Forensics
10. Obfuscation and Data Hiding
11. Web Infrastructures
12. Cloud Computing

The videos and presentations above provide a good learning set into the subject!

Additional Information

Buchanan is teaching a related course called “Advanced Security and Digital Forensics“. (For his subject presentation, see the second video on the right.) At his home pages, course related material is available. It is very much the same as mentioned earlier. For more information about related subjects etc., it is worth to look his home site in general. Buchanan’s page at CDCS (Centre for Distributed Computing, Networking and Security).

Buchanan has published more than 100 videos at youtube with the name “billatnapier“.

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