2011 Cost of a Data Breach Reports, by Symantec and Ponemon

Symantec has published their latest 2011 results on the Cost of Data Breach series.

Companies analyzed were from 14 different industries including finance, retail, healthcare, services, education, technology, manufacturing, research, transportation, consumer, hotels and leisure, media, pharmaceutical and communications.

Reports for the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, India, and Japan will be followed by a global wrap up report.


The research has been conducted by Ponemon Institute.

The table below shows part of the case studies (appendix 1 in US report). Please note, that here the talk is about data breaches, and not all kind of security incidents. In data breaches, the number of stolen records is continuously used in calculations.

Per capita cost is defined as the total cost of data breach divided by the size of the data breach in terms of the number of lost or stolen records.


The site contains a link to Data Breach Risk Calculator. At the end, it provides results like average cost per record and average cost per breach based on their methodology. Please note, this is valid for data breach case.


Reports available:

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