Fixing USB cable (when not replaceable)

USB cable is often the replaceable part when connecting devices into computer.

USB cable colors and connector pinout (from wikipedia):


USB 1/2 pinout
Pin Name Cable color Description
1 VBUS Red +5 V
2 D- White(Gold *) Data –
3 D+ Green Data +
4 GND Black(blue*) Ground

320px-USB Std A

However, sometimes the device comes with it’s own USB cable. In case of broken cable, one might need to consider to buy a new device, or to fix the cable itself. Unfortunately a puppy dog happen to bite KVM switch (mentioned in earlier blog), where USB cables are not replaceables. The following slide set shows the flow of fixing it.

The problem: usbcable-fix-01

The new USB plug: usbcable-fix-02
(Luckily the cable was available from a broken headphone set).

Soldering cables: usbcable-fix-03

The end result: usbcable-fix-04
(“Not best and perfect”, but now KVM is working)

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