WinTaylor, forensics tools on USB stick

WinTaylor is a collection of tools for analyzing or troubleshoothing a PC. WinTaylor itself is a GUI launchboard for several other tools.


  • No installation needed, just execute from USB
  • In overall, good collection (nirsoft, sysinternals etc.)
  • Source code available

Please note that there are more free (and open source) tools and utilities in the area. WinTaylor provides some nice tools in an easy form (USB).


From CAINE site:

CAINE (Computer Aided INvestigative Environment) is an Italian GNU/Linux live distribution created as a project of Digital Forensics.

The distro is open source, the Windows side (Wintaylor) is open source.

WinTaylor is the new forensic interface built for Windows and included in CAINE Live CD. It is written in Visual Basic 6 to maximize compatibility with older Windows systems, and provides an internal set of well-known forensic programs.

WinTaylor proposes a simple and complete forensic software integration and inherits the design philosophy of CAINE.


WinTaylor is included in the NBCAINE image (CAINE for NoteBook). Installation of the image into USB can be done with Win32 Disk Imager tool.

List of Tools

The table below list the tools which can be launched from the GUI.

System Info \Programs\tools\msi.exe
FTK Imager \Programs\imager\ftkimager.exe
Hex Editor \Programs\hexedit.exe
USB Write Blocker \Programs\usbwriteprotect.exe
Hash Calculator \Programs\tools\nirsoft\HashMyFiles.exe
WinAudit \Programs\winaudit.exe
PC On/Off \Programs\pctime\pconofftime.exe
Photorec \Programs\photorec_win.exe
USB Devices \Programs\tools\nirsoft\usbdeview
Take a snapshot \Programs\MWSnap.exe
DriveManager \Programs\tools\Driveman.exe
Whois \Programs\whoistd.exe
RAM Dump \Programs\ram\
File Analyzer \Programs\tools\wfa.exe
NirSoftMegaReport \Programs\tools\nirsoft\nmr.bat
Testdisk \Programs\testdisk_win.exe
Lan Scanner \Programs\als\PortScan.exe
Recuva \Programs\tools\cygwin\recuva.exe
More Tools \Programs\tools

In addition, there are more utilities behind the “More Tools” button. Some of them are listed in the table below.

\Programs\tools\Cygwin: Date, dd, dos2unix, file, hexedit, hostname, less
\Programs\tools\fau: dd, volume_dump, wipe, netcat
\Programs\tools\nirsoft: CurrPorts, DevManView, IECookiesView, IEHistoryView, InstalledCodec,
ProcessActivityView, ProduKey, RecentFilesView, ServiWin
\Programs\tools\sysinternals: Desktops, Process Explorer, Process Monitor, Pstools: pslist, psinfo …,
Ram map, Rootkitrevealer, TCPview, Vmmap
\Programs\tools\unxutils: Bunzip2, grep,Wget


NirSoftMegaReport creates an HTML output, which is easy to browse, see below:


Winaudit screenshot:


Process Monitor screenshot:



Please note, that the functionality of WinTaylor type of launchboard could be made with GUI automation tool as well (AutoIt).

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