PbD, Privacy by Design concept

http://privacybydesign.ca is the main place for Privacy by Design concept.

“Privacy by Design (PbD) represents a significant shift from traditional approaches to protecting privacy, which focus on setting out minimum standards for information management practices and providing remedies for privacy breaches, after-the-fact.

Advocating privacy as a core requirement of systems, right from the outset, it is a proactive approach to privacy protection which seeks to avoid data breaches and their attendant harm. “


There are 7 PbD Principles:

  1. Proactive not Reactive—Preventative not Remedial.
  2. Privacy as the Default Setting.
  3. Privacy Embedded into Design.
  4. Full Functionality—Positive-Sum, not Zero-Sum.
  5. End-to-End Security—Full Life Cycle Protection.
  6. Visibility and Transparency—Keep it Open.
  7. Respect for User Privacy—Keep it Individual and User-Centric.

The PbD concept complements the other information and material existing around Privacy. For example, see the recent ISO Standard 29100 “Privacy Framework”.

Material to look


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