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Global Innovation Index

There is an interesting effort to rank and compare countries on innovation. It is called Global Innovation Index (GII). Link to WIPO’s GII pages. The Global Innovation Index (GII) is a recognition of the key role that innovation serves as … Continue reading

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“Internet Of Thing” Comic Book

The comic book “Internet of Things” is a nice information package illustrating the Internet of Things (IOT) concept. Currently there are 3 versions (editions): Version 1 as pdf (autumn 2011) (30 MB) Special Edition page (spring 2012) from where one … Continue reading

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SCENECT with Kinect, Tools for capturing house layouts in 3D

SCENECT is a free tool from FARO to capture 3D point cloud of objects and environments. There are several other tools for the similar 3D capture, and the choice depends on the goals. In this case the main goal is … Continue reading

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Wheelchair controlled by thought

In this article “Smart chair: powered by thought“, there is a video, where person is guiding wheelchair with help of thoughts and eye blinks.

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Google Glass Eyewear, Project Class

In Wikipedia: Project Glass is a research and development program by Google to develop an augmented reality head-mounted display (HMD). hands free display voice commands Android operating system Checkout 2 min Video Google Glasses (how it works) 2 min Google … Continue reading

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Holographic images are already in use

Will the holographic images change our way of living? Check out the videos below to get an idea… Holographic images in big scale: Celine Dion Holograms Caesar’s Palace 3D Holographic Fashion Show in Hamburg Burberry’s Beijing Digital Fashion Show Adidas … Continue reading

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self-balancing U3-X electric unicycle, by Honda

Honda has developed a self-balancing one-wheeled electric vehicle called U3-X. Top speed 6 km/h Weight: 10 kg Autonomy: 1 hour   Examples of a two-wheeled vehicles are from Segway and Toyota:   Video Check out the video to get an … Continue reading

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