Murmur, tool for simple and secure voice conference

Murmur is an open source alternative for DIY voice conferencing using encrypted communication.

It is used especially in gaming, but it can easily be used for small working teams or for family multiparty talks.



  • Quick and easy to setup for LAN
  • Clients for windows (mumble) and android mobile (Plumble)
    • also for iOS
  • encrypted communication
    • digital certificates are used (can be self generated)
  • possible to record voice
  • for Windows, Linux, or OS X
  • many functions and extensions for admins (if needed)


  • Server configuration need to be edited manually without GUI


For home users, one can use dynamic dns in order to route the connections from internet to one windows computer (where the murmur is running).
In this example, a subdomain from FreeDNS is used (it is free). In the firewall, allow both UDP and TCP.

murmur is included in the mumble installation. One can run murmur when needed, or run it as a service.

Encrypted communication

There exist pages for explaining the protocol. Both the voice and control (including chat) are encrypted by using their own protocol.



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