AppCleaner, Tool for cleaning up windows from old applications, settings and files

AppCleaner has many utilities. It can delete Browsers temporary file cache, cookies, browsing history etc. It can also clean up registry and uninstall software. I found AppCleaner due to it possibility to delete files older than X days.

With default values, just pressing “Analyze” button, the outcome might be something like this (below).



Settings for Customer files could look like below. (There are camera files in network drive).


Tool shows number of files, size and execution time after “Analyze” and “Clean” actions. In this case, there were a huge amount of old camera files (see below).


In this case there were 163386 files! All the other options were cleared, so basically this tool can be used for deleting old files too.

For privacy, there are additional options on how to delete the file, ie. not only deleting but rewriting so that file cannot be recovered.


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