Risks and recommendation for smartphone users, report by ENISA

ENISA has published a report called “Smartphones: Information security risks, opportunities and recommendations for users”, which is good reading for smartphone security issues.


10 different risks are evaluated:

  • R1 Data leakage
  • R2 Improper decommissioning
  • R3 Unintentional data disclosure
  • R4 Phishing
  • R5 Spyware
  • R6 Network spoofing attacks
  • R7 Surveillance
  • R8 Diallerware
  • R9 Financial malware
  • R10 Network congestion

Several recommendations are provided for Consumers, Employees and High Officials.

Note: NIST has produced document Special Publication 800-124 “Guidelines on Cell Phone and PDA Security” which is worth to look at the same time.

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