Gramps, Tool for creating and maintaining family trees

Gramps is a great free tool for Family Trees

About: Gramps (Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System) is a personal genealogy program.

One of the common views is the Pedigree view.


The Ancestory Graph view might be valuable as well when browsing through the family tree.


It comes with a lot of editing and research features. And it contains several different reporting possibilities.

One of the interesting graphs is the relationship graph.

rel graph

I’m not yet familiar with all reporting capabilitites. It seems the Gramps is still missing “All-in-one graph”, which is available in GenealogyJ. However, working with Gramps is more pleasant than with GenealogyJ.

Language Tip

For some reason Gramp is automatically using the local keyboard language. In order to use english, one have to customize file called “gramps-gui-cmd” in the installation directory (C:\Program Files\GrampsAIO64\bin).

Original content is:

@echo off
CD /D %~dp0
start pythonw.exe -EO ..\share\gramps\ %*

And the new content is

@echo off
CD /D %~dp0
start pythonw.exe -EO ..\share\gramps\ %*


Genealogy programs and GEDCOM support

Gramps support GEDCOM file format, and makes it possible to exchange files between different family tree programs. A Comparison of genealogy programs is available at Wikipedia.


GenealogyJ as an alternative

GenealogyJ is a good alternative.


The plus for GenealogyJ is “All-in-one chart” which displays all the family tree in a nice layout.


GenealogyJ can also export directly to yEd program.


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