Information Security, course material by M. Stamp

Mark Stamp has made Information Security course material available (from 2011). I highly recommend to use these courses which are available via internet.


The book related to his course is called “Information Security: Principles and Practice“.


Good place to start is his book related page, which contains links to presentation files (pptx) and videos (mp4). In the course page, the course length is estimated as follows:

Chapter 1 (1 hour)
Chapter 2: Crypto Basics (3 hours)
Chapter 3: Symmetric Key Crypto (4 hours)
Chapter 4: Public Key Crypto (4 hours)
Chapter 5: Hash Functions and Other Topics (4 hours)
Access Control
Chapter 7: Authentication (4 hours)
Chapter 8: Authorization (2 hour)
Chapter 9: Simple Authentication Protocols (4 hours)
Chapter 10: Real-World Security Protocols (5 hours)
Chapter 11: Software Flaws and Malware (4 hours)
Chapter 12: Insecurity in Software (4 hours)
Chapter 13: Operating Systems and Security (4 hours)

Some comments

There is another course material available as well, see blog.

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