MeshLab, Tool for creating and manipulating 3D models

MeshLab is a free and open source alternative for creating 3D models (meshes) from capture data.



  • lot of features and import and export formats


  • crashes without informing the reason
    • ie. need to save the work often


3D scans of an object are imported. First they are aligned by selecting 4 common points.


The result is shown below. The color differences are from the 3D scans, and shows that dispite of the color, the alignment result is quite good.


The 2 pieces were joined together (“flatten visible layers”), and a closed 3D surface was created. The result is shown here as a wireframe.


At this point the 3D object could be exported to a 3D tool. Or one can also create the object color in MeshLab as shown below.


One could also use photos to create a texture for the object. In the figure below, a webcam capture is used to create a texture for the front view.



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